They wormed their way into my heart.

Wiggly Field is a go!

We are officially vermicomposting!  My sister brought over the bins this morning and helped me get set up.  The system we’re using is the Worm Factory 3 Tray Composter.  The idea is that you add food scraps to the top tray while the worms munch in the tray below.  As you fill up the trays, you add more on top and as the worms finish eating they climb up into the next tray and you can remove the bottom one and use it as compost.  Additionally, it has a spigot in the bottom to collect so called “Worm Tea” that you can spray directly on your plants.

Here’s what the empty composter looks like

We started off by tearing up a paper bag and dampening it, then mixing it with some soil from our garden and a little bit of potting soil.  This provides the worms with some bedding.  We probably could have shredded the paper a little finer–in the future we’ll probably use a paper shredder–but this should work for now.

Next up was getting the worms!  I called this morning and arranged to pick up half a pound of red wigglers from Pistils Nursery and they harvested them for me from their own worm bin.

These went into the bin on top of the bedding along with the soil they came in.

On top of them, I added about a pound of food scraps that we had from our kitchen.  I put them through the food processor before adding them, since worms like to eat things that are a little smaller.  I also tore up the newspaper that they were transported in for some fiber.  Again, probably should have shredded it, but oh well.

From there, I put the top on and let the worms go to work!  The whole project took about an hour and I’m looking forward to getting some great compost and worm tea from these guys in the coming months.


2 thoughts on “They wormed their way into my heart.

  1. Having just started in December, I have to say you’re in for quite the trip! I’ve actually found that cardboard is best for bedding, as it maintains the greatest amount of moisture for the worms. Best of luck to you!

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